Do You Need To Date Other People To Realize your Current BF,or GF is Right 4 U?

@payout (3722)
United States
June 3, 2009 6:12pm CST
Well My BF Tells me that His friends said oh that her and her girlfriend decided to see other people and realize 3 months later that they were made for each other. I said So.. thats them thats not us..? I think it's dumb how a person has to date other people to realize oh hum They truly are the right one for me. Just because you see it on T.V and stuff doesn't mean it's going to happen to us. He tells me it's going to happen and it will probably be you because I'm younger and less experience with dating. I said why can't person fall in love and fall in love once. And know that they are the right one for them.? I just think people say that because they are getting tired of each other and want to see other people. Or they might be cheating and find someone attractive and want to talk to them. So they tell you that so you wont get cheated on but sort of agree on something. What's your opinion About this..? Do you think a person needs to try out different types of people to realize they are right for each other?
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@glesil_00 (1143)
• Philippines
4 Jun 09
I will not do it only to find out if my boyfriend is really right for me. Just what if you date someone then your boyfriend lost interest in the relationship and decide to part? This is my own question that i am not thinking of doing something just to prove something.
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
4 Jun 09
Some persons will do this and it depend on the strength on their relationship. I am presently in a Long distance relationship and in order to see if this person is genuine I will accept other persons interest only to find out three days later that they are scammers and that this guy is genuine. But it is you the individual should know what you are looking for.
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@dawnald (84078)
• Shingle Springs, California
4 Jun 09
Only if you have doubts. And if you have doubts, chances are you aren't going to get back together...
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