Life is one hell of a ride!

@jazel_juan (15750)
June 3, 2009 9:29pm CST
I have been silent for some days here in mylot.. i have been through my toughest days since last weekend. i am already grown up and independent from my parents, but i am so much affected with their problems and this problem was the worst. They had been fighting and things i have never thought is happening between them is coming out.. like issues about another woman, or issues about debts unpaid. its so overwhelming for my mom and so painful that she nearly killed herself. Now i feel like there should have divorce here!! but we do not have that here, it could have been less painful for her. i never let her side, i did not go to work since monday till now..i guess my support helped and she stood up and tried to bring back the pieces.. it may never be the same...but it was really one hell of a ride for me and for her, i am not mad at my dad, he may have issues i may not understand, but i love him no matter what just like my mom..
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@kaguvkov (1041)
• Philippines
4 Jun 09
That is life! It is full of challenges and that what makes life beautiful. It is useless if life is only about happiness,joy and laughter. Sometimes there is sorrow and sadness so that every person may realize that life is not all about staying alive to live but to live with courage and fight till the end. You should experience hard time in life so that you may know what is the taste of victory in the end!