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Omagh, Northern Ireland
June 3, 2009 10:09pm CST
I'm not much of a reality TV show fan..I must say up front I haven't ever followed this hasn't been on my radar at all....but I'm watching late night TV here and there's an "Audition" compilation before the 4th season of the show on ,(Is this the current season,or are there newer ones?)with 2 presenters interviewing wanabe candidates..some of the questions (and Answers!)are hilarious! "Where was the Gettysburg Address Given?" "Who Composed Beethoven's 5th Symphony?" "Which is closer..The Sun or the Moon?" (Yep..they got them wrong..!) Do You watch this show? Would You recommend watching it?
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@snowy22315 (87623)
• United States
4 Jun 09
I have heard of this show, but I know nothing about it. I guess that it is a show that is something that is popular in some areas and not others. I think that the show sounds like something that would be interesting to watch. there are many people who enjoy watching this show, so I guess there are others that will like it as well.
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