if it were the last day of you life,what would you say to the person you love ?

June 4, 2009 2:14am CST
last night,I had a nightmare,in the dream i was in danger and someone was going to kill me,and i begged him to give me several minutes to call my mum,so i called my mum,I told my mum no matter what happened to me,even if i died,I asked her to promise me not to give up her life,and live bravely and happily even without me,and i will look at her from the heaven...,then I bursted to tears,suddenly i woke up,but i still had a feeling to cry,because i was afraid that some time i would lost my mum,I love her so much but sometimes i just had quarrels with her because i do not want she to control my life ,this dream made me realize how much i love my mum,and i determined to not to have quarrels with anyone i love,since life is so short and you will not know what will happen at next second.I must cherish the people I love...
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@suj123 (1067)
• India
4 Jun 09
If it were my last day oy my life then i will tell my parents how much i love them. I don't normally tell them as i don't believe that everything should be told. Somethings should be kept inside our heart. I will tell them "mom and dad i love you soooooooo much"....
@amybrezik (2120)
• United States
4 Jun 09
I would finally admit outloud that I loved them