Then this guy shouted....

June 4, 2009 8:08am CST
Basically i am copying an idea i have seen at another forum. The point of this thread is tell your funny stories about what some has shouted at a football match. Everyone has a story of jus being at the match and hearing someone shout some funny abuse at some one on the pitch. I have a personal memory of going to reserve match as a kid, Liverpool v Maan Untd.(am a liverpool fan to make this story clear). the reserve keeper for Manc's at the time was Mark Bosnich, and he was getting a hell of time from the person behind us. maybe a bit nfair on him but was hilarious watching bosnich pretend he couldnt hear the abuse. your stories please.
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@Bryanx54 (644)
4 Jun 09
Wow i have far too many lol, there was one game where this 10 year old fan was basically f'ing and blinding at the Goalkeeper of Real Mallorca, he made gestures about his hair and classing him as a girl and a homosexual, the goalie did well to take the punishment as it consisted for over 45 minutes before he was saved by the half time whistle. Anyway it is really crazy how you see these infants shouting and swearing at football games.
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10 Jun 09
you comment reminds me of that picture floating roungd the internet. the one of the little dutch toddler in feyenord colours puttin up a finger and shoutin 'f*** off'. cant be older than 5 the lad. makes me laugh though