Did you listen to Obama's speech to Muslim world?

June 4, 2009 8:20am CST
Did you listen to Obama's speech from Cairo University to Muslim world to day? I listened to the speech full of hope from the unique president of USA.The appluade of the audience really was signfying how the Muslim world is also eager to have a peaceful world order. The sincerity of Obama and for that matter of the USA expressed through thespeechreally touched me.THere is no scope for reading between the line,lifting the curtain behind the mind of the speaker. In no point I scented any smell of compromise with the bad guys of Muslim world. I thank BBC News for telecasting the speech live from Ciro University. Please, see it, i am sure you will enjoy it.
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@Mathiaes (91)
• Denmark
4 Jun 09
do you have a link to this? I would really like to see or listen to this
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• India
5 Jun 09
Not yet found out. I would like to hear it again too.I shall let you know if I get the link. Thanks.