IS it true that mosquitos like sweet blood?

June 4, 2009 11:12am CST
Is it true that if you're prone to mosquito bites you have a sweet blood? That's what i have been taught from old wives' tales. And to an extent, i can't help but believe it. Because, my dad smokes and he seldom or hardly gets bitten. Mum says it's because the mosquitos can't stand his tobacco blood. haha. What is your take on it? Is it true that mosquitos prefer sweet blood?
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@Amorti (200)
• Turkey
4 Jun 09
only female mosquitoes bite people because they need the blood to have their eggs grow. mosquitoes can sense even the slightest heat change and with their receptors they can analyze the CO2 amount in your breath as well. try not to sweat, if you do they will rush to you as you are possessing so much heat and CO2, which they find "nutritious". try to keep your skin dry and cool, also try not to do any activities which will cause you to breath faster.
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• Singapore
5 Jun 09
really... now that's something to learn. =) will try this out.
@brtfeer (54)
• Romania
4 Jun 09
I have heard about that from the old people but i think that is not true. Maybe it is something but not something like sweet or sout maybe something about some substances wich is diferent from people to people but again i dont think is ture.
• India
4 Jun 09
nope! it a wrong notion so just sleep tight!