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June 4, 2009 6:12pm CST
I watched the 5th season finale the other day and at the end Mike was marrying a girl and the hair looked black or brown, so I think it's Susan [ Katherine has red hair]. But Katherine and Mike were engaged so what happened? I know he kissed Susan when Dave died at the end and M.J was o.k, but it was one kiss. If he still loved Susan he wouldn't of gotten engaged. Right?
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6 Oct 09
Yup, I thought it was Susan and it was. Yeah! :) I was happy about that. Anyway, in tradegy, people do funny things. I think he loved Susan the entire time but they were in different directions so he got engaged to Katherine, which thank goodness, that didn't last.
• Australia
11 Dec 09
Awwww thats so sweet, Mike still loves Susan even after all those guilt trips over her car accident ( the one that killed Dave's wife and daughter).I feel sorry for Katherine though she went through all that emotional turmoil for Mike and he still loves his ex...
• China
15 Sep 09
9.27 we will get the answer!!I can't wait any longer!!
• United States
15 Sep 09
Me either!!! I can't wait 1 more minute. I posted this a couple months ago, & I have not gotten any less curious about it!!! I hope it's Susan. She & Mike are meant to be!!!
@lelin1123 (15598)
• Puerto Rico
5 Jun 09
I think its Susan because of the kiss and at the wedding the body shape looked more like Susan. Yes I agree if he stilled loved Susan why get engaged. It could be because he is realizing that Susan is better for him. Remember the scene where MJ replaced Susan's painting in the house. I think thats when Mike started to see a side of MJ he didn't like. We have to wait till Sept or Oct to find out.
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5 Jun 09
It is very possible that it is susan. her and mike have never fallen out of love with each other. he got engaged to katherine when he thought susan was marrying jackson (remember, mike had no idea it wasn't a real engagement. a fact that katherine hid from mike) but it is also possible it is katherine. they both could realize that it is just best to move on with their lives separately; possible, but not likely!