Supportive wife

June 4, 2009 9:10pm CST
It has recently come to my attention the impact a man's career has on who he is as a person. Today's society (especially during this economy situation) does play a lot of pressure on men. Despite moving through feminism, the man of the family does feel pressured to bring home the rice so to speak. Hence, the added pressure of looking at a career as a definition of whom he is as an individual. Careers can make or break the mood of a husband. So that brings me to the question. How can a wife support a husband if he is unhappy at his job or worst still, to support a husband who is without job? Knowing that the husband have been trying his best in searching for one and the luck has not arrive yet?
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@ethereal1 (217)
• Australia
5 Jun 09
Well, for one, I guess offering distractions is good. Don't always be focusing your conversations on how your husband's work is going, or if he has found works depending on the situation. I would encourage the husband to seek pleasure from hobbies and interested that he finds enjoyable so that stress about work becomes less of what he is focusing on everyday.
• Malaysia
2 Oct 09
Good thinking cap. In fact, the situation I've seen with my friend is rather different whereby she's timid and have no intention to voice out. However, she managed to have the situation settled as he's already got a job and doing well now. At times when I heard this, I've know I've always been blessed with responsible and capable husband. Most of all, a strong will-power man whom never put me in this kinda situation.
@delkar (1715)
• Romania
2 Oct 09
That`s a good question , and it deserve a better answer . First of all , try not to make him mad , because he is under preassure right now . Try to make him see others too , because he`s not the only one . You can support him in everything he will do , no matter that`s good or bad . You must make him to become happy and he will find a job faster , because he will get rid of the stress . You should make love more , maybe that it will make him not to be so upset . Be careful , in this time, he will be changed . It will be so easy to upset him , even from little things .