The mum who cried wolf!

June 5, 2009 2:36am CST
Wives Tales! Those stories your mum would tell you to try and get you to sleep! Do you remember those silly stories your mum would say to try to get you to sleep? Like, "If you don't go to sleept, a monster from underneath your bed will eat you!" LOL If your parents really loved you, wouldn't they just get rid of the monster themselves? There are plenty more of these stories, and i'd love to hear about them! They don't need to be stories on how to get you to sleep, but stories like...When my mother was younger she was eating an orange and accidently swallowed the seed, her aunty then told her that an orange tree would grow from inside of her, and she was scared for weeks! Or when I was younger my grandma told me to always wash my hands before going to bed or else the same thing would happen to me as the boy in the news who woke up with no fingers because rats ate them all! It's hard to believe that we used to get sucked in by things like this! So spare me from embrassement! Share me your stories!
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@Wizzywig (7858)
7 Jun 09
My mum told me it was bad luck to cut your nails on a Friday ..... I STILL don't do it - just incase she was right!! Apparently, you shouldn't tread on beetles or it will rain and of course, you shouldn't pull silly faces because, if the wind changes, your face will stay like it forever (& that's my excuse for mine...)
• Australia
7 Jun 09
Haha that's awesome! Those gave me quite a laugh. They sound so silly yet we all seem to have a hold on it still. I guess africa should step on more beetles right? cus they need quite a bit of rain over there! :P