Do you get paid for startig new discussion in Mylot?

June 5, 2009 7:15am CST
Start a new disccussion in Mylot. Do you think you will get paid for that?
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@Jennlk84 (4207)
• United States
5 Jun 09
Noone knows for sure how payment works here at Mylot. But everything you do will be added in when they determine how much you've earned in a day. So yes - all the posting you do will help you earn!!
• India
5 Jun 09
Really you think so??
@cyberfluf (4996)
• Netherlands
5 Jun 09
I know that when making a reply it should be aboutt 4 sentences long if you want to get paid for it. Replies that are not descriptive enough will be deleted which will result in losing earnings that they have added to your account for replies that weren't descriptive enough. Opening a discussion will make you money, but only if it receives at least 10 responses; or so I've been told. As far as I know you get at least 1 cent per response and at least 1 cent per added relevant picture. It can be more depending on how well your reply/discussion is written and how many responses you get. There are rumours that best response will earn you extra aswell. Hope that helps!