What is a good way to meet people?

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June 5, 2009 9:09am CST
Ok well here is my situation. I am 22 soon to be 23 on the 24th! I moved to Miami originally with an ex. Long story short he was controlling and I couldn't have any friends. So I decided to stay in Miami but I have no friends. I have two girlfriends from work around my age but they never really want to do anything besides hang out at the house or go to the mall. I still feel like I am young and want to be able to go to the clubs, or something. I mean I live in Miami there is something going on. I don't want to go by myself because I feel like people would think I am crazy or something and I am not to good with approaching people. So in your opinion what is the best way to meet people? Any suggestions? Or is there any myloters from Miami that need a friend? Thanks!!! xoxoxo
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@CJscott (4195)
• Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
5 Jun 09
Well. You seem like a nice enough girl. I am not from Miami though. I can help you a little bit with meeting people. But, it will require you to "step outside your comfort zone!" You see, the very easiest way to meet someone, is to walk up to them, and say, "Hi, My name is "Flirtykumquat." I am new in town, can you suggest a great place to meet, nice friendly people around my age? Or, Could you show me around? Or Nice to meet you. Of course, some like you said, may think you are crazy, but then you will know more people. Oh, and I would use your real name, not flirtykumquat, or you will probably get some very interesting responses. That you aren't prepared to handle. Aside from that the best you can do is study people, learn about the personality types. This makes it easier to talk to people. And always stay positive. I know it is easy for you to droop down into sadness. And you want to learn about others, with out giving them much information. You like to get the facts, figure things out before you get in too deep and such. But, that is what I have to say in way of advice, best of luck miss kumquat.
@CJscott (4195)
• Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
6 Jun 09
Alyssa is a great name. My name is Chysom. I wouldn't suggest clubs after hours alone at all. I would try, book stores, library's, Malls with your friends can be a good place. Look in the paper, and at library's for community events, where there will be a lot of people, that are community oriented, they are generally safer then clubs. Trust your gut! You will know who to avoid and who not to, if you listen to your intuition. Cheers and best of Luck, Alyssa. PS, good luck with the health insurance and what not.