YM or SKYPE? Can somebody say something to these?

June 5, 2009 11:53am CST
I never have tried skype, co'z just using the yahoo messenger. So guys, what is the difference between the 2? Which is best YM or SKYPE? My sister told me its better to use skype co'z it has much features than YM.Some advice please......
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@diamania (7028)
• Netherlands
5 Jun 09
Skype is better since they are known for their quality voice conversations whilst yahoo is not.
• Philippines
5 Jun 09
ahh,, is that so do i have to download it just like ym? sorry i never tried skype before.
@tonyllenium (6261)
• Italy
28 Jun 09
Yes skype have much features than yahoo messange also because you must consider that skype is not only an instant messanger or video chat as yahoo but it is also a voip povider so you can make also calls through the net and so may be this functionality shoudl be really ok if you have many friends using skype and so you can call them for free even with voice!! I think normally you must choose the services like that depending how much people using it within your friends and so on..if the majority of your contacts just use yahoo and not skype may be skype should be uncomfortable because you must come everytime to yahoo messanger surely if you have many cntatcs on skype it is really useful ebcaus eyou cna communicte with them in various way and for free!!
• Philippines
26 Jun 09
I use YM often, SKYPE? Never heard of it...