Are you ready to die?

United States
June 5, 2009 12:03pm CST
i just came across looking at the net about the 228 passengers and victims of the misterious crash of Air France flight 447. well, at times i keep on working to fulfill all my dreams in life. but what if fate forbids, there will no time for any fulfillment of plans and the like. just like what happened to the passengers who certainly did not know that the time they left the airport would have to be the last time seen them alive. it scared me but then we can't really tell until when are we going to live. that is why, i keep in mind - life can be short and things may happen inevitably. and so if you are to leave the world, are you then ready to go?
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@amylan (187)
• France
5 Jun 09
I love your life attitude and the saying 'life can be short', as one of my friends used to hold that and tell me to make the best of everyday. The quality and true meaning of life have nothing to do with its length. Of course everyone leaves some dreams that could never be realized, but that is the true beauty of a dream. So if i am leaving the world in next minute and next hours, I should have said that I have nothing to regret; all that I've missed in life is due to the destiny.
@heathcliff (1415)
• United States
5 Jun 09
I am definitely not ready. I always tried to live with the though that "when I go, I go", but recent events make me realize I really wanted to do so much more with my life and I am lying to myself if I say I don't care when I die.