Have you ever considered designing an online game?

@diamania (7028)
June 6, 2009 6:27am CST
One of my try before you die dreams involves making an online game from the ground up. Have you ever had or have similar dreams or goals? Suggestion: If you don't know what to say besides yes, perhaps you could write an informative piece on what programming languages you need to know in order to be able to design one. Any discussion on online games is fine.
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• Canada
6 Jun 09
yea, i do. Me and my buddies do i mean. we alwasys come up with intense ideas of videogame, they would be really cool but we usually get distracted, sometimes we try and it end up being a pacman fail or somthing like that. But, if you sucessfuly make a game tell me i would be thrilled to try it out
@Archie0 (4667)
6 Jun 09
While everything, technically, is an experience of some sort, there is something important and special to many experiences that make them worth discussing. In particular, the elements that contribute to superior experiences are knowable and reproducible, which make them designable. These elements aren't always obvious and, surely, they aren't always fool-proof. So it's important to realize that great experiences can be deliberate and are based upon principles that have been proven. This book explores the most important of these principles. The design of experiences isn't any newer than the recognition of experiences. As a discipline, though, Experience Design is still somewhat in its infancy. Simultaneously, by having no history (since it is a discipline so newly defined), and the longest history (since it is the culmination of many, ancient disciplines), experience design has become newly recognized and named. However, it is really the combination of many previous disciplines; but never before have these disciplines been so interrelated, nor have the possibilities for integrating them into whole solutions been so great. Experience Design as a discipline is also so new that its very definition is in flux. Many see it only as a field for digital media, while others view it in broad-brush terms that encompass traditional, established, and other such diverse disciplines as theater, graphic design, storytelling, exhibit design, theme-park design, online design, game design, interior design, architecture, and so forth. The list is long enough that the space it describes has not been formally defined.