@sugarlen (138)
June 6, 2009 7:51am CST
In the book of Kuya Rene (Rene Mariano is a renowned psychic in the Philippines, Tel. no. 632-8436346) "Spiritual Reality" he mentioned that "Angels without wings do really exist on earth. They may have different qualities; still the light that comes from within them can be like a candle in the dark for the souls of the people, whose life, they have touched." For me, I believe this is true. When my husband was alive, I have learned so many things from him, like humility, patience and the spirit of giving. Lessons which created impact in my life. Now, I realized that he is angel sent by God to assist and guide me in life.
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@Pose123 (21661)
• Canada
6 Jun 09
Hi sugarlen, I agree with you, there are many angels without wings and most of us have met at least one of them. It is sad that some people don't believe this and don't realize that such people are all around us. Blessings.
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@DiDeCo (50)
• Canada
7 Jun 09
Angels a delight to behold even if its only in ones mind's eye. I've yet to meet an angel without wings. Friends and family members are a delight. Though I can't say they are angels without wings. Do I believe in angels? Yes, for angels have saved my life multiple times. Angels without wings I've yet to meet. If they do exist than thank god they are sent to those who are in need.
@fizanali (478)
• Pakistan
7 Jun 09
Very rightly said ! Muslims believe in Angels. Angels do obey Allah's command and when Allah wants they are sent even to help us. It is our faith that treat anyone and everyone kindly whether it be a beggar at the door because you never know he may be an Angel sent by Allah.