Where were you when he proposed?

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June 6, 2009 8:09am CST
I was reading another post about engagements. And thought gee my proposal wasn't as well thought out as all the neat ones they show in the movies ect. I was at my hubby's parents house w/ my mom & his sister + her kids and I was holding his newborn neice when he got down on one knee and proposed on Thanksgiving day 1998. A girl always hopes for that romantic or surprise proposal. I knew what he was going to do because he was looking for something in his parents house and he had been talking about getting married for months. How did your hubby propose to you? & If you are the hubby how did you propose to your wife? Share your special moment.
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@katsmeow1213 (28895)
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6 Jun 09
We got pregnant with the twins before the talk of marriage even came up. That's how I was raised.. you didn't need a man to have children, and I wanted the children, you know. His parents were the ones to start the marriage talk, they were pushing us to do it before the twins were born. We decided we did want to be together, but we'd get married when we were ready. As time went on we discussed it more and more seriously. We wanted to get married in the Spring after the twins were born. So the twins came and we got trying to plan the wedding. But then everyone started coming down on us. My family didn't want me to get married. They liked him and all, but they wanted me to just live with him without that marriage commitment. His parents were being critical about where we chose to get married. We mentioned a spot, they pointed out all the reasons why that was a bad idea. While planning we ordered rings off e-bay... dumb mistake!! When my ring arrived, he was the one to check the mail. I was sitting at the computer (surprise surprise). He came in and got down on his knee and proposed with the ring in his hand. We ended up eloping at the courthouse with nobody present except our 3 kids. The twins were 6 months old. Then the rings turned our fingers green, so we threw them out. That following Christmas he bought me a real engagement ring from a real jewelry store. The following Valentine's day I bought him his wedding band. To this day.. over 6 years later, I still do not have a wedding ring, just an engagement ring. However, he was going to buy me a wedding ring this past Christmas. He was real sneaky and had one all picked out and he had the money saved up. I somehow found out about it and made him show me the ring... it was actually a set. I got mad. I don't want to replace my engagement ring, I just want a very simple band to go with it. So he scratched the whole idea... for now. But at least now he has a better idea of what I want.