Is censorship a thing of the past?

June 6, 2009 8:23am CST
Indeed different times call for different measures. But what has been done today to preserve the innocent minds of the children?Rampant awareness of mature content is already in their minds. How do we let them stay innocent? There is a time for everything, but sadly we deprive our children of this. They grow up too fast missing important moments in the phases of life. Who is to blame? Will society raise its hand for lenience or point to those who are lead to be predators?
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• Philippines
6 Jun 09
Yes, I think that is the case now because of the growth of different medias like the internet of mature content without banning it. I guess there should be a law for censorship to be amended by the law-makers . Parents should watch their children and see what they are watching, advice them to watch shows that are informative rather than shows with mature content.