Is Love is imperative ??

Kottayam, India
June 6, 2009 10:43am CST
Mom loves children/husband and vice versa. Do you think love is that much important. People are killing each other,where is the Love.what is your opinion of Love.
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• Philippines
6 Jun 09
I bet people are contemplating long and hard on this discussion. ;) I don't know what love is. I think it's the one thing that can change this world - once we understand the real meaning of it. Was there a time that you felt as if love was equaled to romance? I don't have much to say about romance, but all I know is Loving is not limited to romantic feelings. I think that love is really what pushes us to do the right things. Our love for our parents makes us focus on doing what's right. Sometimes we even try to please them. For short, I just can't explain love. I believe it's just a word to describe a globally understood (but unexplainable) language everybody can choose to use or ignore. It's very important!
• United States
6 Jun 09
I don't know. This world is turning into a barbaric planet!!!!