June 6, 2009 11:25am CST
Take a look at the following dispute: The user is on leave and I have to uninstall MS Office 03 and install another version of MS Office XP, therefore I approach her manager and the manager gave the green light, so I proceed with whatever I need to do and the next day, the user calls and complain about what I did. She is not happy with me for not telling her that I uninstall her previous version of MS Office which she is used to it. I reply that she is on leave and should not disturb you therefore I obtain the green light from your manager, she reply that I shouldn't ask her manager for the green light, because he doesn't know what she is working on. I was thinking how can a manager doesn't know his staff's job scope? How did she get into the position of administrator assistant? In order to lower down the conflict, she needs the file and I transfer to her via internet file transfer and it was almost finish transferring, she delete the transfer and I ask her why, she reply that she is so frustrated, didn't know that it takes such a long time. After a few days, I called her to ask about her operation condition, she says she doesn't know how to use the resize part of the photo editor n pass me one of the photos for me to find the solution and within the next few hours, I received a huge file containing all pictures telling me to resize them. I reply to her that I am very sorry, I have not found the solution yet and I have other things to do, you may want to refer to the link which I provide her. After that email, I did not hear any more complains form her. What are your opinions?
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@ebook_freak (1511)
• India
6 Jun 09
I must really say she is some sort of a hyperventilating person. Or a paranoid personality. You have not done your part perfectly as you installed a new version of the software. You must have asked her. But that was impossible, so you must have dropped a note informing that you had done this so that she is not shocked the next day... But then her reaction is also very pathetic..She is over reacting to things, in my opinion. And there was no reason for deleting the thing you were transferring. Anyway good to keep her at a distance. Regards, Ajith.