whish Online game is better ?

June 6, 2009 5:33pm CST
From my exp i think its either world of warcraft or Navy field. what DO u think ?
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@tonyllenium (6261)
• Italy
6 Jun 09
i think world of warcraft will be lways the best game as regards online games on the net!!it is really famous but its reputation is normally really good and appreciated from many users around the world!!So i nver played or heard about navy so i can't judge it!!So for the moment i consider world of the warcraft really the bst online game available now!!
@doggyhouz (548)
• United States
6 Jun 09
I enjoy world of warcraft because blizzard makes such great games. Ive never playe navy so tyat may also contribute to me supporting world of warcraft more. Just the ability to choose ur own skills it awesome to make your character custom to you. The downside is that youll hav to pay a monthly charge unless u find private servers but wont have up to date updates
@Rickyb13 (34)
• Indonesia
10 Jun 09
i like warcraft, because i always play it. the strategy game.
@harryt123 (327)
• United States
7 Jun 09
I have actually not played any other game but I do know from knowledge that there is quite a handful of players of World of Warcraft as it is pretty popular and a company like Blizzard has been the creator of many quality games that have also been hits.
@Bionicman (3964)
• Czech Republic
6 Jun 09
Starcraft is the best online RTS and people still actively play it since 1998 and the game itself doesn't look dated at all. I love to play Enemy Territory, it's great team FPS where you can't do anything alone. It's all about teamplay And for classic fps action, I like Quake series, especially Q3 and Q2.