i have found my dream house!!!

June 6, 2009 6:51pm CST
hi all! yeah, i am just so happy to let you know that i have finally found my dreamhouse! while i was browsing the net, i came across this charming chateau in france that is owned by the ex-wife of logger Ted blixseth. she is selling it to raise some cash because they are no longer billionaires. the chateau de farcheville only has 12 bedrooms, a moat, an indoor pool, massage room, yards, hunting grounds, cobblestone courtyard, etc. and it is only up for sale at 57$...i mean $57million. sigh...i said dream house, didn't i.? yeah, it is something that i have always dreamed of living in. or at least to visit. well, if i can actually rent it out at 18,750 euros a night. but what the heck. i would rather buy it! it is sunday today and still very early in the morning. i am not quite out of my sleep. but who knows huh? maybe after mylotting my whole life, i can afford to buy that, huh? take care all and happy mylotting!:D
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@zackn87 (345)
• United States
7 Jun 09
i wonder if a person could become rich and get a mansion just from using mylot. it would require a team of people nonstop posting and taskdoing though.
@tonyllenium (6262)
• Italy
7 Jun 09
eheh.it is nice your dream house really 12 bedrooms..wow..really amazing i can't imagine an house so big to contain 12 bedrooms excluding all other rooms as well a 'normal house' needs!! So i think you are very lucky because it is really not expensive but cheap and you can have all these for all different situations in life!! I guess to buy or mantain your dream house you must be too much active on mylot in this way you must be rewarded more...heeheh
@khayshenz (1384)
• United States
6 Jun 09
"Maybe after mylotting my whole life" - hahahahaha, that's funny. Maybe you should try the lottery? Though I'm not sure what kind of luck you have - since the lottery requires TONS of luck to win. Anyways - you did say DREAM house. It's a nice dream house, with 12 bedrooms. Maybe you should visit first before buying, who knows - it might have defects that will turn you off. ;-) I want to build my dream house - it's one of the perks of being a civil engineer. Though I have yet to sit down and really think about it. Granted I don't really have the money for it. Maybe after mylotting my whole life too! ;-)