Chinese Copy Cats

June 7, 2009 7:13pm CST
do you think it is fair that some foreign companies copy the design of name brand products and then sell them to you for cheap sure it is good for the consumer (cheaper prices) but then there is no parts support and the parts are not well made do you think the major manufactures should take a stand in this
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
8 Jun 09
The title used can be considered as stereotyping since the Chinese are not the only guilty ones. The difference may be in the large scale manufacturing of imitation products. It is not easy for the major manufacturers to take a stand in this because among other things local laws are not the same. It would take a few years to get a case through. Imagine the actual cost involved. The power lies in the hands of the consumers. If there are no buyers they will be unable to continue selling the inferior products. Take my country for example. A few years back there was a flood of inferior products from ballpoint pens to scooters. Initially many people bought them because they looked nice and cheap. The craze lasted for about one year. Many people realised that in the long run they were spending more. The imitation products are no longer on sale. Yes, I bought a lighter which worked less than 10 times, and several ball point pens which refused to function or write well less than a week after purchasing them. all the best, rosdimy