i feel like this......

@anbrei (44)
June 8, 2009 5:15am CST
everyone of us felt this... loveing someone is not easy... there are so many got envolve. opne our parents, friends, relatives or every one out their..thats why some have fear to love some one because they have that trauma inside...Guys have to try got hurt?
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• India
8 Jun 09
in my view love is not just something that u can give to anyone it is valuable and resides only betwen people who are specisl to us they may be parentys,brothers,sisters or anyone but the thing is that persons exist or nat love remauins forever
@elghrasya (501)
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
Yeah! Many times I got hurt but because I want to be happy I still continue to love. Some people are afraid to love because they are afraid of rejection. Or just like what you have said they are afraid to love again because they don't want to be hurt again.
• Malaysia
8 Jun 09
Yes it is. In fact I am experience this right now. I had a boyfriend that I know my mom will not approved. But I don't care, I just love him because of who he is. So we are going to make her agree with hard work instead of arguing about it. If you love someone and really want to live with that person, you should have the courage and will to face any obstacles, but in a good way. Happy mylotting!
@ayis12 (544)
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
ive got hurt so much before..and thats the reason why im afraid to love again..But honestly, Im very much happy now being single..And besides, im just 19. No need to rush in love..^_^