Would you be willing to date a divorcee?

@mbs2323 (254)
June 8, 2009 9:58am CST
My friend has been seeing a divorcee for about 2 months. She's quite scared knowing he has 2 kids whom he has custody of and she's not sure if she is capable of handling all this. The man is lovely as the way she described and she does wanna date him but she's feeling quite uncertain about what lies ahead. She asked for my advise and I suggested her to give more time and take it slowly because 2 months isn't long enough to know whether she wants to get involved any deeper with this man. Do you think I gave the right advise? Share with me, if you are in my shoes or hers what will you do or advice?
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@meticulo (1286)
• United States
8 Jun 09
For me, dating someone you feel comfortable with is not a problem. Just as long as you get to know each other better and that includes knowing the kids too. Of course in every relationship there is always trials and problems. It is just normal. Just tell your friend not to get too involved sooner. She has to know the person better and she should consider the reason of the divorce. Somehow it will help in the decision making. Thanks!