Why won't men ever rinse their dishes.

United States
June 8, 2009 12:22pm CST
My husband is wonderful when it comes to helping out around the house, but the one thing he refuses to do is rinse out his dishes in the sink when he's done eating. Anyone relate?
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• United States
7 Aug 09
My ex wouldn't do that. He would make me do everything before then put them in the dishwasher I told him that he was stupid and crazy to make me think that I would do his job for him. We got in a lot of arguments over it because he wouldn't do his own laundry either.
@reckon21 (3484)
• Philippines
20 Jun 09
Because it's not a rewarding task to do inside the kitchen. I can do anything,..but spare me the task of washing dishes. I just hated washing dishes...it's so boring. Add to that I think it's the woman's duty to wash the dishes not for men.
• Philippines
19 Jun 09
Well I guess most man thinks that washing the dishes are for the ladies or maybe in their house when they were younger see that their fathers don't do the dishes as well. So its up to the mothers to train their boys do help in cleaning the dishes after all nowadays men and women are equal. There are even industries where ladies are the boss right? I still don't have my own family but my fiance always help me with the dishes. He told me that his parents trained them to do household chores since the only lady in their house is their mom. All of them knows how to cook and do the laundry, he is actually the who teaches me to do some household chores.
@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
8 Jun 09
I sure can relate! It drives me crazy. The worst one is the glasses, he never rinses the glass out after our protein shake in the morning. By the time I notice it is harder to get clean! I have tried to train him but some men are hard to train in the kitchen.
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
My hubby is the same with yours. I just don't get it why they don't like to wash the dishes. When I ask him, he said they just don't like it. There are really some things that we cannot understood of men.