Why do guys stare a lot at pretty girls? While women don't stare as much

June 8, 2009 12:43pm CST
Well I know that guys appreciate the female form but why do they have to "stare"? Not all guys do this though, but there are a lot who does it. Are they not aware that they look like a perv when they do that? We women, don't stare when we notice a hot guy. We just glance and that's it.
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@trexhero (103)
8 Jun 09
Its down to a lot of things. For one the female of the species are easily the better looking of the sexes. Secondly due to this belief there is a pressure for girls to look good and those that have it are a lot more likely to flaunt it. I think a lot of guys are happy to just be taken for a perv since they are never going to have to speak to or be with the girl they are staring at, so why not? Its pervy and not great for girls but it happens and always will whilst people have the freedom to do what they want.
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8 Jun 09
I see... So that's what's inside in the male mind. Anyway, I agree with the first and second that you've said. =) Thanks for the response =)