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temple - gods existance
June 9, 2009 2:08am CST
I am thinking that many people in the world are believer of god many not, i myself really believe that in the existance of lif egod plays a very importnant role and everything happened in world is as per god's wish, what you think is life is look like as it is because of God?
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• China
9 Jun 09
i don't believe the god exists, but i think bilieving in God can satisfy someone' need, especially psychological needs.
• India
10 Jun 09
can you plese elaborate more on these so that it can be easy to undersatnd which kind of psychological need can belive og god can satisfy, and what is your logic toward saying god doesnt exist
• China
10 Jun 09
well, i would like to prove that the god doesnt exist. Have you seen the gods? Have you heard the gods? Have you felt the gods? where they live, on earth or somewhere else? Gods belong to the mythology and religions. It is undeniable that the mythology is not real. As for religions, it is huamn beings created them, such as Christian and Islam. And the gods belong to these religions wrer created by human beings on the bases of their looks. For example, the God in Christian is very like the European, and so the god named Allah in Islam is. These gods are believed by their people to be the creators of the world. If the God and Allah created the world indeed respectively, then there would be two worlds. Howver, there is one world, that is the earth we live in. If they are truly the creators of the world, then do they know each other? how could they deal with each other? Therefore, there are no gods exist as entities in the world. If you insist that the gods exist, I would say that they exist in people's mind. Believing gods can satisfy people's some kind of needs,eapecially psychological needs. It is a kind of spiritual sustenance.