I dont want to add ads in my blog, what are other ways in earning money from it?

June 9, 2009 11:11am CST
I made my blog very personalized [http://babydesertwolf.blogspot.com/]. I want to make money from my blog but I don't want to place ads in it. I know pay-per-post but my page rank is zero. I know I can't be accepted in that site. Can you help me what to do or what should I do so that my blog will become more profitable?
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• India
9 Jun 09
You can write reviews of different products and finally sell it to companies if you are getting lot of visitors.You can sell copyright to companies for the reviews written in your blog.
• Philippines
9 Jun 09
how to do it? do i need to email the company? or personally drop by at their front door? have you done the same thing in your life or know someone how did the same?