Have you found your myLot style yet?

@pillusch (1148)
June 9, 2009 11:50am CST
I’m relatively new to myLot, at least if you compare me with these old-timers who have 10,000 posts or so to their (user)name. So I’m still grapling with my style. I have to admitt, I can be rude and offensive, and I don’t like that myself, neither online nor offline. So I definitely keep a lid on that. And I control my impatience, with myelf and others. But besides that, have you ever consciously tried to develop your myLot style? Did you hit at some point in time a magic formula where you said ‘yeah, that’s how I write from now on’? And if so, how did you get there? Or is the best thing just to be ‘you’? Please share.
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@Sandra1952 (6051)
• Spain
16 Jun 09
I think the most important thing is to write what you believe or what you feel, not what you think the discussion leader wants to hear. In other words, be sincere. And it's a good idea to keep cool on the page, as not every single Mylotter is a rational human being. Aim to progress the discussion and perhaps pass on your own experience. Your Mylot style will develop of its own accord, and your reputation will increase. It worked for me, anyway!
@jesssp (2739)
• Canada
10 Jun 09
I have found that I'm ridiculously diplomatic on Mylot. I like to think that I don't care about my silly star but I guess I must because even when I have an opposing opinion I'm amazed how diplomatic my wording is! And if a topic is too heated or controversial I almost always avoid it. I'm here to have fun and pass the time so I don't really want to get myself all worked up over things that are usually quite inconsequential. I just like to write and can never seem to think of anything good to blog about so I come here and reply away 'till my heart's content!
• United States
9 Jun 09
I do not have a style... i'm pretty sure. I don't think i'm online near enough to adapt one. I get too frustrated with people spelling wrong and using the wrong word or phrase in the wrong place. Okay, okay, i'll admit i'm a grammer Nazi. :)
@tixepower (1196)
• Sweden
9 Jun 09
My style is to visit my favorite topics one everyday and respond ONCE. The reason is that I don't want to fight over something and freak out. I know that I'm right and I'm too tired to convince other people to think like me because there are always people who will not agree with my way of thinking. I try to post in topics where some one ask for opinion without unfriedly debate.
• Malaysia
9 Jun 09
I am not sure if this can call a style. You see, I always express my self, what I think about the discussion and tell something about my life for example. And also, I like to put the smiley faces at the end of my respond. Happy lotting!