Seven Point 1 - Life on The Perimeter

June 9, 2009 12:29pm CST
This is week one of my seventh semester at Texas State University. Or, as IMy first semester was the perfect picture of me sticking my toe in the water before diving in; I took only six hours. Most semesters since then I taken only 12-13 hours. My first two semesters were spent fulfilling core education requirements -- the stuff all majors require like history and English. It was during this time that I realized I accomplished so very little in my first college attempt, and thus, I was basically starting over. My third semester was my first really serious challenge in the sciences: general chemistry, freshman biology (for majors), college algebra, and a philosophy class, and (oh, yeah) weight training (because heavy metal rocks!) That semester totalled 14 hours with labs and it nearly did me in, so I scaled back my hours the next semester. Oh, and I added a dance class for my second physical wellness requirement. Other classes included the second half of general chemistry, pre-calculus (which I took without taking the foundational trigonometry, mind you; if you on your own education, dond the core communications requirement -- a basically easy semester (except the math.)
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