After while, she is not the one for you?

United States
June 9, 2009 10:06pm CST
Had you ever experienced that? After a while, for instance, 3 years relationship with that person, you just finally realized that he/she is not the one you really want for your life. That might be her personality, her habits, or other stuff to alter your final decision. Would you just let go of her, or would you adjust yourself to accommodate her? For the better of both, I would rather give her up. What is your decision?
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@n30wing (4768)
• Philippines
10 Jun 09
Hi clorissa, that is pretty bad, but it's not easily to teach your heart again to love someone else, it's to hard to look for someone else again who could love you as you are, what you are. Would just let go of the 3 years, and be alone, and memories will just linger on. The consequences of your actions that is in risk if ever you let her go. Unless maybe you let her go that is the time you can think, why, how, what happened. There are still a lot of things to think of first. No relationship is perfect I guess, it's only time can tell. There is no second chances! Picking up pieces is not that easy. I could just tell you now think a hundred time. Sometimes we don't know the consequences with our mistakes. Have a nice day to you!
@wgh423 (65)
• China
10 Jun 09
That proves u don't love her any more, such"she is not the one for me" is a lame excuse,when u decide to ask her to ur gf, u must think "she is absolutely my better half". As time goes by, we all change little or more, and we begin to doubt she/he is the right one for us,in fact, u don't love him/her any more.If you wanna go on ur relation, talk with her/him honestly,if u r sure u don't love her and wanna stop the relation,let her go and don't waste time.
@JamieRose (168)
• Philippines
10 Jun 09
This is the thing, if it doesn't make you feel happy anymore, give her up already. Try talking to her about it, tell her how you feel. It is better that you open up so that you guys can talk about it. I also suggest that temporarily ask for space because maybe you need that - to get to think things over.
@pansy45 (153)
• Indonesia
10 Jun 09
it is all comeback to your heart feeling,did you still love her?if you are still love her i can sure that you will accept her with all of her excess or her is the most important thing in a relationtship,and it is not depend how much someone suit you.but your wish to change to suit just if you realy love her.