What is your opinion towards the news,can you tell me?

@xyzxgt (89)
June 10, 2009 11:06am CST
Recently in China,the university entrance examintion has just been over.Today,in the morning,I read a newspaper,a piece of news has shocked me.It says that in Hunan Province China,a girl who was involved in a car accident a couple of days before the exam did not give up the exam,although she was badly injured and did not recovered completely.What's more,the doctor has said that she may be at the risk of her life if she takes the exam.What is your opinion and mood towards the news?As for me,I do not approve the girl's manners.Although the university entrance examination is one of the most important exams in China and someday even views it one's second life.In my opinion,the life itself is much more important than the exam.You can take the exam next year.However,the girl's spirit of never giving up should be advocated and is worthy being learned by us.Do you think so?I am waiting for your response.
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11 Jun 09
I agree with you and I think the life itself is more important than anything alse.So I do not in favor of the girl's action.But I appreciate the girl's spirit of never giving up.
@stanlee81 (381)
• China
10 Jun 09
Wow,firstly,i have no detailed idea about the girl's condition.If the injury is serious,to take exam is not a good choice.Just like what you have mentioned.She has her opportunity next year.If she could take the exam,i think her condition is not so bad as imagined.Whatever,life should be cherrished by all of us,including herself although both of know the importance of this exam.When came to your post,i just recalled my experience then.In fact,i was also in a bad condition when i took the exam.I understand her action anyway! We should respect the decision made by herself.