Start of Classes DELAYED

June 10, 2009 11:15am CST
I agree to the suspension and delay of the start of classes. It is for the benefit of all as instated by the Department of Health and the Commission of Higher Education. They should really taken preventive measures as not to spread the A(H1N1) to the whole archipelago. I, too, am afraid that swine flu would be pandemic. But personally, putting aside the risks it may bring, I really am against of the delay of classes. First, it's really tiring to stay at home and do nothing. Second, I can't wait to see my classmates and enjoy my last school year in college. Yes, I am a graduating student. Third, my schedule of activities was a bit ruined. I have to meet with my officers to try to adjust the schedule of activities. This is a hell of work. We've been planning for two months and now we are moving the dates because for a one week delay of classes. I WAS MAD and pissed. But I realized that I would prefer more to take the challenge of adjusting the schedule, missing my classmates for a week longer, and being a bum at home THAN see myself, friends, family and other people getting the virus. I wish and pray that this won't get serious and worse. God, help us.
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