Did Galileo get it right

June 10, 2009 1:15pm CST
In the folklore of physics, no story is better known than the tale of Galileo, dropping balls from the leaning tower of pisa and proving gravity accelerates all objects equally, regardless of their masses, or composition. This is called the "equivalence principal" and it is a cornerstone or modern physics.
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@doggyhouz (548)
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10 Jun 09
Gravity is essentially is theory not a law. Gravity still hasn't been proven into law. Plus gravity is the weakest force out of all 4 forces. Gravity says that a larger mass will attract a smaller mass but when you think about it we can "jump off" earth for couple of seconds and then hit the "ground" again. It is amazing how weak gravity is and how they theoritically show importance of gravity even if its a weak force.