Fashion Hurts!

June 10, 2009 11:30pm CST
How far have you gone just to look good? To a point where it hurts? Perhaps wearing layers, a cardigan or a sweater even if it's in the middle of summer. Or the opposite, wearing a mini skrit, short shorts or a singlet even when it's super cold, just so you could look 'hot' Or how some girls go through the pain of getting their eyebrows plucked just to get the perfect shape, or wearing high heels even if it hurts to walk. Or guys trying to look suave by getting their legs or chest waxed. Ouch! right? Yeah well we've all done something like that. Why do you think we go that extra mile? Peer pressure? To be noticed? Or even just to look good? What are some stories you have yourself? Please share!
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• Philippines
29 Jun 10
The only thing I do even if it hurts is plucking my eyebrows. I just don't like to see them all bushy and thick. It gives me more confidence everytime it is groomed.
• Philippines
25 Jul 09
for me,I wouldn't hurt myself for fashion.that's why I select trends that I am comfortable with.I don't wear heels higher that 3 inches because I know I can't walk in them.though,there are some exceptions.I plan to have a permanent eyeliner tatooed on my eyebrows - without having my eyebrows shaved.I want to have thick eyebrows.but I know,I can endure the pain of tattoo.I will not go through something I know I can't endure.
@maezee (42179)
• United States
11 Jun 09
Why do we do the things we do? That's a good question..Hopefully it's more for ourselves and is about boosting our sense of self-esteem more than anything else (such as peer pressure or trying to get approved by others). I'll go to these lengths to a certain degree. I get my eyebrows waxed every now and again - and honestly, it doesn't hurt that much at all. I've also worn uncomfortably tight clothes, and yes, mini skirts in the past - but I don't mind. It was all about me, and that's what matters. If you feel (mentally) good in what you're wearing, and you're more confident in your skin - then why not? I mean, I don't really understand why someone would want to be uncomfortable 24/7 - even I enjoy my "sweatpants/t-shirt" day every now and again, but to each's own, right? It's only unfortunate when people do these things for the wrong reasons - such as to get a guy/girl, to have other people approve of them, or because they're submitting to peer pressure. .
@sublime03 (2345)
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
I have only experienced this a few times back when I was in high school. When the 'in' thing is to wear this specific socks and shoes. Si i actually went out to buy a pair of shoes and socks just to not feel like an outsider. But after high school I never went with the trend. I would rather sport a simpole but elegant look rather looking like everybody else out there.