If you could choose to be a celebrity, would you?

June 11, 2009 1:49am CST
Would you like to be a celebrity? What would you like to be famous for? Acting, writing, singing? I would love to be rich and famous! I'd like to be in a rock band (what a cliche!) I think I could deal with the paparazzi following me, what about you?
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@shibham (17019)
• India
11 Jun 09
oh there. if i would be. it was my ambition that i will be an actor, not a hero but just an actor. not in cinema, just in drama. i have acted in various roles till today and have performed in various places in india. i visited bangladesh and nepal also for drama. i had a great expectation that i shall be a reknown actor in indian theatre. but is is just a dream now. thanks dear for your discussion that i have shared my views with mylot community.
• Australia
11 Jun 09
I wish you very good luck with pursuing your acting! It might not just be a dream, everyone who is a well known actor started somewhere! I might see you in a movie one day, you never know :)
@katie0 (5211)
• Japan
20 Feb 11
I don't think she is really a celebrity but if I could and she was still alive, I would love to be Agatha Christie for one day
• Philippines
13 Dec 09
I would prefer being a model.models enjoy their privacy more.they can spend some private time with their family and friends without the paparazzi hounding on their faces.I would like to feel how it is to be one of the firsts to wear the the trends for the season.I would like to pose in front of the camera all day.I would like to earn lots of money while endorsing products.
@ruperi (138)
• India
15 Jul 09
Yes I want to become billionaire, if I become billionaire then I will work for people, I will not do work, I will pay my debts and will start social service for development of human being mentality.
@myx_03 (540)
• Philippines
21 Jun 09
A famous song writer and a singer, thats my dream.
• India
21 Jun 09
wow i love to be a celebrity,right from my childhood i used to dream about celebrities and always wanted be one.i love popularity and i wanna be famous for my acting skills.
@Bloggership (1104)
• Indonesia
12 Jun 09
I do ever think that maybe my life could be more prosperous if i become a famous celebrity... Its true, that the most thing you must dealing with is the press ethereal1... You had to let your personal life to be blow up too. But maybe its better if i just having my current life know... That's just me.
• United States
11 Jun 09
i love crowds and i'm a very social person, but i don't think i'd ever be able to tolerate fame. maybe fame as a face on the computer screen- i could definitely go the jeffree star/scotty vanity route... so music, yes. otherwise, i'd rather just be me, as i am, just a teen from florida. :)