Some PTC sites are scam?

June 11, 2009 7:29am CST
Good day everyone!!! My topic is all about scam on PTC. I am one of those people who joined a few PTC sites to earn money online. The reason why i joined is because i want to earn money by clicking an advertisement - as simple as that, and besides as many says, why waste your time surfing on the internet and doing your stuff w/o even knowing that you can make money online ( oh, this words gave me interest w/ PTC ). I always open my computer to surf and research. By the time that i discovered the PTC, i start joining. When i read the terms, about the payment methods, and how it works, i said to myself " wow, this is great". Some PTC sites offers a few cents by clicking an advertisement and you can earn much more by means of referral and etc. The next three days on clicking an advertisement, i checked my account. Of course, i really earned money ( WOW ). A $0.2 something makes me smile. But then again, i am not satisfied because it's too small. The next day that i surf on the internet, i tried searching on PTC sites that can give much more dollar than the sites i've joined in. I see the results and then clicked one of these sites. I registered and now i earned almost a hundred dollars. The pay out is one thousand dollars. My question: is this for real or some kind of scam? the site is Of course i just want to know if this is for real and can really pay me if i reach the pay out cash of $1000. And does anybody knows how to know if a site is scam?
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• China
11 Jun 09
It's scam without question. you never get the big money.
@connierebel (1566)
• United States
11 Jun 09
It sounds like a scam to me. But if you want to try it, just make sure you don't put any money in. So that if they are a scam, all you have lost is some time, and not money (although they do say that time is money!)