Animals and Vegetarianism

June 11, 2009 8:59am CST
Some time ago, I wrote a blog entry on what I think when it comes to animals and vegetarianism. I haven't completely let go of my protein sources yet, but I'm on that road. Some people say it's utterly useless to become a vegetarian unless it's for health purposes. Well, that's a start. Health is one benefit that most people see out of the vegan lifestyle. But to other people, there's something else. I don't actually think it's paranoia, maybe just wild imagination. There are times that when I see meat, I instantly imagine the live animal getting slayed. I have experienced really awful times at the cold cuts section in the supermarket, when I see live shrimps about to get cut off from their oxygen source, things like that. At a party, once, I couldn't eat the chicken leg because of my imagination. No, I'm not being childish. And I don't do drugs. There are just times that I don't have the stomach for meat. I mean it literally. That's why I'm really comfortable with fruits, vegetables and meatless pasta and pizza. Have you ever experienced the same thing?
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• Philippines
12 Jun 09
I am trying to quit meat.the problem is I can't let go of dairy products (milk,cheese),eggs, and seafood.I can't let go of them because they're my favorite foods.though I am not eating the "producer" itself (chickens and cows),I am eating their byproduct.I love seafood,and I am not sure if I can quit eating them.
@momiecat (997)
• United States
13 Jun 09
You have to want to quit from deep down in your heart. You will quit when you are ready. Eating seafood is like eating cow, chicken, turkey, etc. to me as it is a living thing and then it is killed to be consumed by mankind. I personally feel that if one wishes to eat a byproduct, wherein the animal is not harmed or killed, such as cheese, then in my book that is okay. I am having a problem committing to a true vegan status, although I have a strong desire to do so. I do not buy leather, won't buy a car with leather seats, will not by any product made out of an animal. I do not like the taste of eggs and so do not generally consume them unless they are baked in a cake or something like that. It is an individual choice one makes but it is good if you have the desire to change and then eventually you do change.
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
I have no plans of turning full vegetarian because I would like to have milk,eggs,and cheese in my diet.but I have a long way to go before I could quite seafood..and I am nor sure if I can.