Do you prefer buy stuffs online

@mjanne (251)
June 11, 2009 11:26am CST
Now the internet is very popular to us. So my friends, do you always buy your stuffs online or at a located store. I prefer buy some online. Because it is easy, cheap and can save time too.
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@EliteUser (3964)
• Australia
3 Oct 09
Hey, Well I would actually prefer it to buy things online, rather than actually go to the shops and buy it from their. But their is only one problem for me, I can't really buy online because I don't have a credit card, so I can't but I wish I could. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• China
30 Sep 09
i do not like to buy stuffs online,cause in my mind it is not safe,i prefer to buy them at the located store
• Canada
11 Jun 09
I find I do the majority of my shopping online, especially around Christmas. I am not a big fan of crowds and can't stand to be in a shopping mall. I am not patient enough to walk around looking for a particular store for a particular item when you can find almost everything you need right on the internet. This is my preferred method of shopping. I don't have to deal with rude salespeople or salespeople that just are not willing to help you, rude customers, crowds, screaming just doesn't sound very enjoyable. I also find that I'm more careful how I spend my money online as it is easier to comparison shop between websites before the final decision is made.
• China
25 Jul 09
At first,I didn't think shoppong online is proper since many people have been cheated as far as I know.Later,I just bought some books online.After several experiences, I begin to buy other stuffs.What I always do is to pay attention to the remarks of people about the very thing you want to buy and compare every condition of the product with other seller's.Thus,I no longer go to shopping malls in rush hours which saves me a lot of time to do what I like.
@Simon1223 (902)
• China
6 Sep 09
Hi majanne, It depends. I usually buy books and softwares online for the discount of such products is quite attractive and the quality is usually guranteed. But for electronic products and foods, I'd rather buy them in hypermarkets. Without seeing with my own eyes, I still have no enough confidence in buying them online. Maybe I'll buy them online if situations improve in the future.
• China
22 Sep 09
I love to choose the style and the brand of my shoes online,then buy them downline, I don't trust the online trade,because some of my friends shopping online said the things are not as beautiful as they saw online, so i don't want to risk it, because I'm afraid it make me diappiontment.
@aweins (4199)
• India
11 Jun 09
hi dear friend, my hubby buys online more than me. or frankly he buys not more he only buys online. i dont prefer buying online. i like to browse and then bargain and then i love window shopping also. its a nice timpepass afterall. then i know what others are also charging for the same thing, until and unless it is something branded that will remain same every where. he bought me two pair of sandals and tops, dreses from intrenet shopping. he browsed and then bought. he didn't even asked me .
@tonyllenium (6254)
• Italy
11 Jun 09
Yes i found it is nice too buying something online and you can also save in some cases even some money...especially in shops that give the possibility to have free shipping,discounts and other promotions availbale online!! I think it depends from products some cases it is useful to watch it personally and so understand better the products ,size and so on...becaus ein some cases buying some things just watching photos or demos is not so easy to understand the products seeing that may be you never see it personally!!Anyway as regards shopping it can be a good deal too!!
@Margajoe (4709)
• Germany
11 Jun 09
I buy gifts for my family in Holland on-line sometimes. I used to order close on-line. But, I prefer to go to the stores or Malls. (If I have some money) I like to just walk all over Berlin. Berlin is a great city. Lots of shops, stores, Malls ect. Take care.
@mermaidivy (15395)
• United States
11 Jun 09
I would prefer to shop at the real stores instead of shopping on the internet. I tis nicer to have the cash in your hand and do the transaction in front of yourself and the other thing is when we shop at the store, we can get the products or services immediately, but we need to wait and doubt if the product is the right one that we order.
@jshekhar (1562)
• India
11 Jun 09
Hello Mjanne! I am not much into buying stuff online. First of all, they are not that cheap. Secondly, you can just see the picture of the product.. you cannot touch it and have a demo of it before buying.
• United States
11 Jun 09
On a funny note, with gas prices going up the way they are, online is way cheaper. LOL but you also find a lot of better deals online. Unless it is food, I find myself buying it online. (Food always go to the store for, can't do the whole deliver my food to my door thing)