Best running gag?

United States
June 11, 2009 10:02pm CST
Hi everyone. I just finished watching season two. I went through season one first and then season two... and will be starting season three on tomorrow probably. I resisted watching it for so long because I didn't think I had time to watch on TV, but some friends and my father convinced me it would be worth it to get caught up. They were right! I love the show now. So I'm curious. What are your favorite recurring things in the show? Small or large. Doesn't matter. I love most of Hiro's mannerisms... pushing his glasses up his nose, looking hopeful, looking discouraged and bowing his head, putting his fists in the air and yelling "YATTA!" He's such a great guy. :) I also love throughout the show when Sylar pretends to be less intelligent when he's trying to fool someone... It's so difficult to believe him as a dumb person. But it's funny. Like when he fools Mrs. Bennet by faking a Southern accent and pretending to be a delivery man. So funny!
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26 Jun 09
Star Trek references. Definitely Star Trek references. I even heard the door-whoosh sound during the nuclear scene in the Bennett house.
@bobbyk08 (72)
• United States
24 Jun 09
My favorite has to be the godsend symbol, i watch heroes with my girlfriend and were always keeping our eyes out for the symbol, its pretty funny to see where they throw it in.
@cyberfluf (5004)
• Netherlands
15 Jun 09
To be honest I am not formiliar with the series, so it's hard for me to answer your questions. If I knew a bit more about what type of series it is, for example a comedy or a drama, then I might be able to answer a bit better. It's good to hear though that you have found a series you love, as it can be a lot of fun talking about cliff hangers and snuggling up on your couch to see the next episode of a series you love. I had the same thing with F.R.I.E.N.D.S and nowadays I have it with that 70's show.