Missing my Grandparents?

June 12, 2009 8:39am CST
In my childhood I have seen my grandfather & grandmother from mother's side only 2 to 3 times when they came to our home and stay for several days. I am eagerly waiting for those days and feel that I have got moon in my hand. I love them. After that so many days has passed by and taking them away from me into photo frames as well as my happy memories. I have never seen my grandfather & grandmother from father's side as they stayed in another country. They have also passed away. I missed them too. Now when I see somebody with their grand parents emotions choked my voice and unknown pain troubles me too much. Do you have any such pains myLotters?
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• India
12 Jun 09
Being with grandparents is a unforgettable one.I love my grandparents. Their speech and the fun made by them cannot be forgettable. But I missing them a lot. I gone to my grandparents only a few times. But they are the golden days of the lifetime. It is the same feeling like you, I really miss them badly. It's OK. I may go to their home in the upcoming months.
• India
24 Jun 09
It seems very nice that you still have them in your life. So don't miss the moments. It's a very nice feeling probably for the whole life.
@threnos (216)
• Canada
27 Jun 09
I only ever met my maternal grandfather and my fraternal grandmother. The grandmother that I knew was very cruel to my mom and my sister and I. My grandfather passed away a few years ago. I loved him so much so I know your pain. To this day, I feel both happy to remember him and sad all at once. I know what you are going through.