How are you planning your children's education?

June 12, 2009 3:11pm CST
Education is a costly affair now a days and is increasing its cost day by day.Am I right? Don't you feel the hit? It is becoming a headache for me. Low income parents like myself is really in a tight rope.I have made some savings in different forms. But my calculation shows that the amount that my child will get at the time of admission into college or some technical institute will be utterly insufficient. What are you doing to plan for the higher education of your child?
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• Philippines
17 Aug 09
I think what our children’s need is educational plans insurance. My mother got me one when I'm still young, and she paid for it religiously monthly. That's why I got to college even though were poor. The insurance will pay for your child tuition fee as long as you will show them the statement of account from the school. This I think is the best way to save for their education.
@sublime03 (2339)
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
That is my current worry whenever education is talked about. By the time my son is in grade school or high school tuition is way up already that I am trying hard to save up as early as now. But the good thing is my in-laws got this education plan that you put funds to and at certain ages you get to withdraw a specific amount. It helps you pay tuition but necessarily pay for the rest of the amount that needs to be paid for. I guess for everybody the key is to save up as early as when they are around 1 to 10 years old in order to lessen your worries of paying tuition when they are older.