PTC News, Payments, and Busts

United States
June 13, 2009 11:02am CST
It's been awhile since I've posted but some things have changed. I've posted new proof of payments on my profile. There is a new one, Perfomance. The banner is on my profile and there isn't a proof of payment. I just joined a couple of days ago and so far things are going smoothly. Payout for a free member is $10, but I'm averaging .25 to .35 cents per day. I'm figuring I'll be able to cash out in aprox. a month. I've checked around and haven't seen anything negative and they have been paying. So, if you'ld like to take a chance check it out. BUST: Mango clicks .info has been sold! The new pay out is $2. There are clicks available but the pay per click is extremely low and would take forever to reach payout. This was one of my favorite sites. When transfering the sale, all member info and balances didn't make it. No word from the first owner regarding the sale. Needless to say I wasn't very happy. Although, in all fairness, I did contact the new owner, he was very nice and informative regarding the transaction of the sale. My questions were answered within an hour of contact, I believe he's only 17, I wish him luck on his adventure but I personally can't afford to participate with the new payout being so long to reach. ALSO,as many of you know, Paypal is now charging fee's for the personal accounts. This really stinks! Owners of Ebay have raised their fee's to the point that alot of everyday people can no longer make money listing on Ebay. Then they bought Paypal, and now more fee's! So if anyone who reads this has expierence with Alert pay could you please let me know how they work (fees, charges, ect). Click Joy I recently joined and for a .02 payout I really enjoy this site. Payout can be reached daily (free member/noreferrals) Jills is still going strong, lots of ads, and reliable payments. Whale is also doing very well. Sassy Clicks I also like, but I'm not sure if I'll be staying or not, they too have increased their payout from $1.50 to $2. Clickvibes, has only been averaging aprox. 30 ads per day (again, I'm free member/ no referrals) but their paid emails have increased alot. I can make almost 7 cents on a good day of emails, but only 2 cents a day clicking on the site. I'm not sure yet about Clickvibes if I should stay or leave. Micux is doing well with reliable same day payouts. I've taken a little time off from clicking so my payment proofs aren't up to norm. But I'm back in the game. If you should have any info, please let me know. Now I'm off to try and update my blog.
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