What is your daily exercise routine?

June 13, 2009 11:00pm CST
Do you exercise everyday? Maybe just sometimes? I would like to know what your exercise routine is and whether you would consider yourself fit? I don't really have a routine at the moment, but I am trying to make one because I have been getting very out of shape.
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• United States
21 Jul 09
Hmm for me i dont have any exercise routine but every afernoon i do play badminton or biking but i dont consider them as my daily exercise routine, i just love to play...hmm u can do that coz for me im on shape!
• United States
9 Jul 09
oh you exercise daily. well i can tell you my moms she already lost 20 pounds. everyday she goes 1 hour on the stand up walking machine. then 1 hour on the bike. then the next day she switches up to running and the park then walking then running again. she drinks flavored water. sometimes regular. then she uses the bender ball on some days. she uses the firm on others and she works out with the biggest loser dvd. her boyfriend lost 30 pounds. and i've gained 1 pound i don't work out much i just go running with them when they do. and shes very serious she write down how long she does each thing in her weekly journal. then her weight at the beginning of that week and the end.
@vetiver12 (164)
• Spain
19 Jun 09
yes, I do it everyday, it gives me lot of energy. I mainly watch videos and then repeat their movements, mainly I like hip hop abs, and some pilates workout.
• Israel
19 Jun 09
Well... I've been doing this for years, so you'd better not start like that but here it goes : I wake up in the morning for 2 sets of 30 push ups and 2 sets of 80 ab cranch (with variations of the exercise). During the day, I go to the gym and I do either aerobics (running or cross trainer) or weight lifting and more abs. I alternate between the two exercises doing a different training every day - one day aerobics, and one day power training. I do make sure I have at least one day of total rest during the week (usually Saturday) although the morning exercise mentioned above is always present.
@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
19 Jun 09
I don't have a daily routine since I don't have enough time to exercise everyday. However, I just started a weekly routine. I am going to run at least once a week. If I run more days, they'll be less intense than this one day most likely. I consider myself somewhat fit. I'm able to restrain an elephant seal pup and have muscles built up for that. But for other things I am totally out of shape since everything seems to require a different set of muscles to be in shape. Hopefully soon I will be in better shape for running. I may get back into cycling as well, but so far I think maybe running would be better for me to get more exercise.
@Bloggership (1104)
• Indonesia
16 Jun 09
Man... Its been so long i haven't do some exercise for my body. That's why i almost forgot the word of exercise in my brain. I feel i was so easily getting tired even just to walk less than 100 meters now. But you've just remind me that ethereal1. Maybe i should do that later.
• Malaysia
15 Jun 09
I did not exercise everyday. However whenever possible, I tried to exercise at least 4 days in a week. Everytime, I would go for 1 hour cardio to increase my endurance then about half an hour muscle training, mainly focus on abs.
@britt_200 (1227)
• United States
14 Jun 09
i do about 30 min of cardio...then i do some muscle training...ive been working on my abs...and legs right now...not arms because i already have huge arms and i hate it. so yeah...just a few target areas mixed with cardio...thats my workout routine.
@narayan2006 (2955)
• India
14 Jun 09
I do follow a regular practice of Indian natural system of Yogic Asan,pranayam and meditation in the morning.These exercises are easy,natural and highly beneficial for body and mind.This habit has helped me in maintaining a healthy and disease free life for a long time.Besides,it helps in relieving all kind of mental stress and in filling the mind with natural vitality,energy and peace.Thanks.