Does anyone have a simple recipe for making tikka masala?

United States
June 14, 2009 1:27am CST
My family loves this Indian dish, however, the only Indian restaurant is a bit of a distance from where we live and it gets quite expensive to go there all the time. I wanted to know if anyone out there had a recipe for homemade tikka masala, I have found a couple but the instructions are rather extensive and require too many hours to complete. I did not think it would be that difficult, I scrapped the recipe I was going to follow because it required the use of too many pots & use of stove AND oven! I really do not enjoy cooking and trying to make this as simple as possible while making it taste as good as it is. Would anyone be able to tell me what are the actual steps and ingredients they have used to prepare this dish? I would really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!
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