You have received earnings from which affiliate program?

June 14, 2009 1:48am CST
Hi all, Have you received any earnings from affiliate programs? I have joined a few affiliate programs but I am having a hard time in getting any affiliate sales. I have thought of giving cash rebates for those who have shopped through my affiliate links so that I share my commission earnings with them. However, I am not sure how to create and manage such websites. What tactics do you use to gain affiliate sales? How much have you earned through Affiliate programs? Thanks
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@Divaduh (30)
• United States
14 Jun 09
I have received earnings from the following affiliate programs: 1. eBay Partner Network 2. Amazon 3. Commission Junction 4. Squidoo 5. Big Crumbs Squidoo and Big Crumbs are more like revenue sharing programs than affiliate programs, but I make something from them every month. You need to really watch out for commission sharing, some affiliate programs don't all it and you need to have really good tracking software to make sure credit is given to the right member. I am not rich from my affiliate income, yet, but my earnings go grow every month. For the most part, I use article marketing and Squidoo to make the majority of my commissions. I have a couple of more sites, but I don't make a ton from them yet.
@Dianec (5)
• United States
26 Jun 09
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@Jemina (5773)
15 Jun 09
I got a hosted blog site where the contents were from one of those rich bloggers. I was actually tricked because he said it was a "free money-making site". True it was free but I had to pay for my domain and hosting. Anyway, one of the affiliate links he told me put in my site actually made a sale so that was able to recompense the cost of hosting and domain. I think the best thing to make a sale is to write articles about your product and submit it to ezine. But since you cannot put your affiliate link to ezine you must have another site where you can put your affiliated products. You can make squidoo lenses too and put your affiliate link directly there.