Does your child'd class have too many students?

June 14, 2009 2:12am CST
Individual attention from the teacher is very important for the students to learn properly and progress especially during the lower primary level when the students' attention span is normally low.It's advised by educationists and educational psychologists that a class should not exceed 15 students. But in my city not a single school maintains such a students to teacher ratio. It becomes too costly for the school authority.The class of my child has got 31 students-more than double what the experts advise. In such case the advice of the experts for the parents is to volunteer in the class room for assisting the teacher so that she/he find enough time to attend to the students individually.I don't think such a proposal is acceptable for the school authorities.In a word, it is just unthinkable in my city's schools. What is thought on the matter? How many students are in the class of your kid?
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