if you were kevin,what would you do when you met this situation?

@moonhe (17)
June 14, 2009 4:05am CST
when i was a child,i saw the film. i think he is a clever boy!not only stay at home alone,but also protect his home!sure,the process is very wonderful!i admired him at that time!
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
22 May 10
Well i wouldnt have been that better than Macaulay in this movie or real life. He is cute and intelligent kid.
• United States
19 Sep 09
If I was Kevin it would be a very short, boring movie. Because if I ever got left home alone and there were burglar's there I would have called the cop. At his age he knows all about 911...and I'm frankly confused at why he wouldn't call the cops! lol
• United States
18 Jun 09
Home Alone I is one of my all-time favorite movies! I can recite the lines while watching the movie...haha although it annoys the hell out of my bf. If I realized I was home alone, I would also call up a friend and stay with them. But I guess in the movie, that was impossible bc EVERYONE on their street was out of town for Christmas. I guess I would ask if I could stay with the grocery check-out lady or the pizza boy???? Hahaha! Yeah, Kevin McCallister was a brave little boy. Hehe I'm sure he looked at the Wet Bandits as an opportunity to have fun, while protecting his home at the same time. I would be so terrified of those guys! Omg, especially if I saw their shadows outside my house while watching "The Grinch"! He really was pretty genius for turning on the lights...and then making all those fake people out of mannequins and cardboard. I probably wouldn't think of any of that! PS: I remember when the movie first came out on VHS, and a limited amount came with his "mapped out plan" for the burglars. Unfortunately, my video did not come with it. Haha I was so bummed....dude, I still am! :b
@hellcowboy (7378)
• United States
18 Jun 09
This is a really good discussion and I know that movies are really important when it comes to everyday life because they are a good way to pass the time when you are extremely bored,or when you have nothing to do like on those extremely cold,and rainy days where you do not want to leave the house for anything,and I know that nothing is better than cuddling with the one you love to watch a good movie, especially when you are sharing a bowl of popcorn,and I know that everyone has different preferences when it comes to movies,and not many people like the same types of movies,and I am sure that there are a lot of people who liked the Home Alone movies,and liked the way Kevin reacted to the situation when it came to fighting off the bad guys,and then I am sure there are people who did not like the movies,or thought that Kevin could have done things differently,and I can understand that everyone has different opinions,I think Kevin was genius the way the fought the burglars off,and if I was in the situation I think I would have done everything I could to scare the burglars off because I would not have let them get away with stealing from my home,have a great day,good luck with your life,and all of your mylotting goals,and Happy Posting.