Helping Hands! Please help!

June 14, 2009 6:15am CST
Wishes to my Indian brothers and sisters. I'm a student who have just completed my 12th standard and waiting for college admission. I've formulated a method to help poor children to get quality education. I've discussed with my friends and they too agreed to join hands with me. First, we will form a group of 51 members(min). 10 of us will post 4 ads from revtwt daily. Also, each one of us will be followed by the remaining 50 students. All our followers will click all our ads daily. On an average, if each ad gets $0.05 per click, each one of us(those 10 students) will get $10 per day. As a whole, our team will make $3000 per month( $10 * 10 students * 30 days). ie, Rs. 1,38,000 per month. We'll take necessary steps so that this money will reach the needy children. We've decided to request our teachers to help us to find genuine organization which will help our mission . Fellow Indians who are interested can follow us. You can also help us by giving the contact details of some Social Organizations. One thing is, only 10 of us will be allowed to post ads and also, our members must only follow these 10 students(This rule is not for you). Because, if all start to post ads, then it's really difficult to click them. Also, we being students, can't spend much time clicking ads. Also, if our members follow many other people, they will find it difficult to note our ads among various updates. My profile link is Now, I'm the only twitter. Soon, we'll get other twitters. I'll inform you through twitter update so that you shall follow the other 9 members. I'll also create an official email id for our team. I'll give this through twitter.
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